Sarah MacLean

Sarah doesn’t need much introductions, she writes historical romance books and she is an auto-buy author for me.

Four years ago she made a group on Facebook for the readers and writers who love Old School Romance Books that were published before the year 2000 but with time as the group grow up so much ( more than 5000 members at the moment) we can recommend and ask for recs for all genres. I have meet her in February 2018 at one of her afternoon tea meeting with her readers in London at the Sherlock Holmes Hotel along with Tessa Dare and Cristina Lauren. I will be always grateful to her for having the group and getting to know some very amazing ladies and befriend them 💕

Sarah’s latest book is “The Wicked and the Wallflower “where Felicity’s Faircloth story is revealed.I gave it 5⭐️ because I liked how Felicity is tired of the world she was born and has to live in ( for a very long time she thinks that this is the best life to have and wants the fame and attention) and she has to make a good marriage in order to save her family(which she refused at the end )and falls in love with Devil who is the bastard of a duke and made himself a life in the middle of Covent Garden with his bare knuckle and trading goods that aren’t always legal.


Published by LianaReads

Hi, I am Liana,a mother of two very naughty children and love to read 📖 📚

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