Books open a new word for everyone…

I must admit that I hated to read when I was in school. I used to watch a documentary about anything and everything in the world πŸ—Ί from ancient times history to the latest discovery in medicine or robots πŸ€– and found them very interesting and always imagined that maybe some day I would become one of the researchers who have discovered something very useful for the world to see and use.

I was 21 when I left my country for “The big adventure of my life “. I went in Spain as it was the easiest country to go for the language and although Italy was closer I preferred Spain for the food and the people actually. It was such a big difference to travel from a country that has been under the communist era for so long that even after 15 years of becoming a democratic country,the government and politicians were still with the same thinking πŸ’­(steal as much as you can for you and your family, forget about the people that are struggling with jobs, housing and health issues).

I lived in Spain for 6 years and would go back there any time, could never forget the wonderful people, the amazing places and the food that is always so delicious and mouthwatering, especially if you are a lover of the seafood as i am.

The firsts books that showed me the world were the ones by Jules Verne. I still have them and hope that my children will love them as much as I did.

For the last three years we live in England in a small town near the seaside and still trying to find our way as the country is even more different from our country or even Spain.

I have not traveled anywhere else but this three countries in which I had the opportunity to work and live as well but would love to go in other places more now that I have made so many friends in so many different countries from all around the world 🌎

One day ❀️



Published by LianaReads

Hi, I am Liana,a mother of two very naughty children and love to read πŸ“– πŸ“š

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