Beauty and the greek billionaire by Stefanie London

This book was very interesting and fun.

I love Marianna and how her mind works, how she is so passionate about her studies ,how much she wants for her life .

I liked that there is a family with strong bonds that are there for each other with no judgment and support each others decision , as Nico is orphaned it looks quite good to mix them together.

It is a very slow burn, would have liked to see more of his desire for her, how he crave her and maybe small touches every now and then.

I liked that the author reveals Nico’s past in steps and not all at once, it grows the character more and makes you realise more what his been through.

I love her for not wanting to give up at them, at him.

The research for this book seems to be amazing as there are a lot of details about the landscape when i felt like i was there in the first row I love how two people from different countries and cultures fall in love and want to have a life together.

The writing was very easy to understand and kept me engaged in finishing the book.

4,5 stars from me


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Hi, I am Liana,a mother of two very naughty children and love to read πŸ“– πŸ“š

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