Stripped Down by Eva Moore

Stripped Down is the second book of the Exposed Dreams series

Where should I start?
Enzo doesn’t know how to say no if a family member or friend needs him, so he has to put aside his own dreams of building his own company and do what he most love in his job to work on larger spaces, private commissions, and special event properties. He dreamed of large-scale parks and museum installations.He was always there for them. When he meets Natalie on the scenes of the show that he is a protagonist with his family business, he has a crush on her that won’t go even she is keeping him in the friend zone.
Natalie is the makeup beautiful mother of a 6 years old very smart and amazing little girl. For her her daughter is the most important thing in the world and would do anything to make sure she has a good education and childhood, even accepting moving into Enzo’s sister apartment which is next to his own.She is a very strong and amazing mother even if she haven’t had any help or support from her own family, she was always on her own and never gave up on her dreams.She doesn’t know how to accept any help from him and always is doubting his meanings as she was through so much in the past and no one stayed with her long enough to take the time to know her even for a while.
Sparks fly every time they see each other but both have their restraints on giving up everything and just feel and dream about the future.
They go through a journey of learning how to trust each other and respect their feelings.

There are a lot of moments of LOL and if you love Unicorns you will understand what I mean.

I love Mama Jo and every little thing we get to know about the other members of the family.

This story was amazing and felt so real that will stay with me for a while.

Another 5 🌟

Previous book in the series is Opened Up ❤️

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