Beautiful Sinner by Sophie Jordan

Beautiful Sinner is the fifth book in the Devil’s Rock series. This is the first book that I read in this series but not the first by Sophie Jordan.

Even a bad boy needs love and hopefully they will find it when they least expect it.

Cruz has spend several years in prison for a murder that he haven’t committed. He is smart, sexy, loyal and honourable. For him, the time spent away from his family and friends made him realise that there’s nothing more important in life than live the moment and won’t loose any opportunity to get what he wants and he wants Gabriella.

Gabriella is back in the town and as she meets Cruz again, all her dreams about her high school crush are coming back and make her rethinking if she can have now what she could not have then. Her family is very unsupportive although she is very strong and passionate about her work.

It is a slow burn that caught up very quick towards the end as sometimes in real life happens and no matter how hard they will try to resist each other there is a way to just give up at everything and embrace the new beginning.


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