Taylor Made by Tasha Lewis New release and review

This is the debut book for the author and I have to say that is very interesting and I really enjoyed reading it. I am not a big fan of YA romance and this book doesn’t have much steam but the topics are interesting and got myself into reading it in one sitting.

What I love about Mason? That for him his family comes first as he has to take care of his sister on his own after their parents died , and to secure her future he has taken a job as a paid escort at his aunt company along with his studies for his final year in law school. He is a gentleman at heart and wants to be there for his family and friends

What i love about Rayleigh? That she is independent, she left her parents house although they still need her to help her mother with her younger brother, she was trying to follow her dreams, to pain and become a full time artist but life gets in the way and she has to work hard for a woman that won’t think twice when she fires her although she has made the gala reception to be a success.

Her friend Kat ( which I really want to know more about her story and hopefully she will have her book as i love second chance romance) sets Ray to an online dating site where she can choose whom and how to date.

I liked the writing, the plot, the stories that both come from and what they have to sacrifice to get where they are. I didn’t like that much the fact that they are more friends than anything although I had the feeling that they want more when they had their first meeting but I got lost somewhere on the story and apart from some kissing and a few kisses on the head or forehead, there isn’t much.

Looking forward for more from this author ❤️

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