Beats of the Heart by Charli B.Rose New Release and my review

O My God!!!!
This is a debut book! And I love this cover!!!!
This books is so sexy and had me blushing for more than once.It is a story about childhood friends that are following their dream careers and try to keep their love and relation alive even if they have to do it at long distance as Dowson is a rock star and is always on the go with the band and also has to be seen as a young Rockstar with no strings attached and living the life that everyone expects.
Izzy is an artist and for her,Dawson is everything,she tries to be as supportive as she can be but although he is totally into her and demonstrates it every day she has her insecurities and ends up heartbroken as something happens and he just becomes MIA.

Half of the book has very descriptive sexy scenes that I found them very well done.

I wanted a bit more of his POV at the end and obviously there are a lot of questions that we needs answers for and hopefully we will get them in the second instalment.I love second chance romance and waiting for the next book


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