WITHOUT CONSEQUENCES by Victoria L James and LJ Stock My review

4,5 stars

New authors for me,new MC serie to loose myself in.

I love books when we have both points of view as it grows so much the characters,what they think and why are they taking certain decisions in different situations.

It was a bit different from what one is expecting from a MC book where the violence,drugs,crimes and sex scenes are highly encountered ,here it felt more of a slow burn romance with characters that are trying to find their way in a world that maybe real love doesn’t exist.

Drew is the President of his MC just released from spending 5 years in prison and everything he thought before going to jail is different ,he is trying to find his way back as the head of the MC and gain the trust of his brothers and to prove them that he will always do everything and anything to protect them.

Ayda it’s an amazing heroine that doesn’t take crap from anyone when it comes to protect her teenage brother as she is the only one who has to raise him after the loss of their parents.She is hardworking,beautiful and sassy and doesn’t hold back any emotion or thought ,doesn’t allow anyone to disrespect her or give them the upper hand.

When her brother tries to steal from Drew ,he takes the boy back to his home and never does he thought that he will be so attracted to the woman that is not scared or give a damn about him or his MC.To pay her brother’s debt and protect him for not going to prison ,she agrees to work for Drew.

The banter is amazing between these two,the chemistry is amazing and the sex scenes are ones of the best that I have ever read.Although Drew doesn’t know what real love is,Ayda is demonstrating him that he is the one for her and they can have their happily ever after even if there are many obstacles to get over to reach that place and accept their feelings.

Heading to the next book ❤


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