RECKLESS by Sybil Bartel

Liana 5 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

OMG as always I finished Sybil’s books in one sitting.

I waited for Tyler’s story like forever now and again I haven’t been disappointed.

Pretty boy of all the bodyguards,brother of another 4 mens (and we really want their stories now Sybil ) ex marine and sexy as hell ,caring for his friends and family ,even for the people he has to protect.

The new assignment is to protect an art gallery owner ,Princess Calandra and he royally ****** as he falls in love at first sight when he meets her.

Calandra wants to live her own life and doesn’t go for her royal title but somehow someone found out and is trying to blackmail her.

In a span of less then 48 h everything is resolved but they also have to learn to trust each other and believe that he is the one for her and he has to accept that she is royalty and will always have more money than him and that his life is going to be different from now on,but he is all in and as he takes her to his mother house for their family dinner, we get to know more about him and what a perfect man Damian is.

I love that in every book we get to see some of the other friends and as usual Talon with his sexy southern accent ” Nothin’ doin’ darlin”’

I am totally restless for Ruthless and Calandra’s redhead assistant and Sawyer.


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