WITHOUT TRUTH by Victoria L James and LJ Stock my review

Liana 5 stars

I just had to binge read this series because it’s too good not to.Again the authors kept me on the edge and with my bed time long forgotten as I got so deep immersed in this amazing story again.
It’s the third book of Babyon,the third book of Ayda and Drew love story that is not anything that you have read before ,nothing is as we know a love story is about.
I just love Ayda so much,she becomes more and more a badass and stronger than you could imagine with every book and her love for Drew never cease to amaze me because she has to face situations and felling that a normal person won’t be able to keep up with and long have give up at everything.
Drew is more alpha than never but also has a soft side that only Ayda can get to see and I love him for that,for how he will not disrespect her and treat her as his equal all the time and the love that he feels for her and showing her through his love making and worship is wow.
Again this life is not a fairy tale so there are obstacles that need to be crossed and get over but as always the authors manages to keep us wanting more and more,just another chapter to see what happens next and how all this is going to end .
Now I am ready for Without Shame


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