WHERE BAD GIRLS GO TO FALL by Holly Renee my review

Liana 4 stars

Second book in this series,second book that I’ve read from this author,the same easy and quick read.
Stacy is a very independent woman and never fails to tell what she has to say and what she wants when she wants it ,never taking bs from anyone and more soft and vulnerable on the inside than she is letting us see or know.
Mason is the perfect match for her ,all too swoony ,always there and always saying the right words.After seeing what his sister and Parker has he wants that kind of love and relation for himself and he thinks that he could have that with Stacy but she has had so many bad experiences before that is not ready to let her guards and walls that she build around her hearts down for Mason although she does feel the pull to him more and more everyday even if everything started just like a game.
I liked that we could read more about Livy and Parker and this story was nice although I wanted to have more on the insta lust/love parts,but still very enjoyable read.


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