PALADIN’S HELL by Manda Mellett New release and review

Liana 5 stars

Talk about Love and how it can get stronger and stronger in any situation and finds her way in our hearts no matter the obstacles that have to be crossed ,this book is the perfect example for it as we get to know a young couple at the beginning of their relationship and an older one that at the end will prove that love overcome everything in life.
I haven’t read any book from Manda before and didn’t know what to expect but although I have finished the book days ago ,I couldn’t find my words to expres how much I love her writing and this story.
I love that we have the points of view of both couples and we know exactly what happens in their minds and what they feel in every situation that comes on their way ,it just made me hate and love each one of them at the same time.
After having to go through hell and saved by the MC ,Jayden becomes a very strong and mature woman that will always love her knight on a motorcycle ,Paladin who is not much older than her but sharing her feelings and wanting to spend his life with her.New life in another state,new beginning that is not what they are expecting but as I said Love with always find a way to overcome everything.
I have to make time to read the other book and I am looking forward to the next in this series as I am intrigued by some great characters.