HONOR by Andi Jackson and AJ Alexander

Liana 4 stars Honour

The first book in the series, First book that I’ve read by this author and I have to say that I enjoyed this book quite much.
First and foremost, hi-five to the authors for having such a reliable curvy heroine that could be me or one of my friends.
When a military man loses his best friend in the war it’s not easy to get with your life ,but as you have promised to him that you will take care of his wife, no matter how much you just avoid to go back and see her or ignore your feelings from years ago, life through you another rope to find that little something that you need in your life. After serving in the army, Logan returns home and one night he gets to dance with Katie,the woman whom he felt hard years ago in high school and he had to step aside as his best friend got to marry her, now that he sees her, he finds her more attractive and I must say he is selfish as she has no clue of who he is and what he knows about her late husband.
Katie is still heartbreak after her husband passed away in the army, but her best friends are trying to help her to get on with her life as she is still young and smart and beautiful and there’s a lot to live for in this life ( I want some friends like them and thinking better I think I already have at least one ❤ ) She get’s lost into this stranger’s eyes when he asked her to dance with him in one night at the bar that her friends get her with them and from then she just doesn’t know what to do with herself as remorse is eating her up and a hope that she will find a bit of love and happiness again is starting to grow in her mind and heart.
It’s a  slow burn story where I would’ve liked to know more about the characters ,there are details that could’ve been told as sometimes the story felt rushed or just details omitted ,quick and nice read, good dialogue and writing style, the characters could have been more developed in the extra details of their past for us to understand better their feelings why they had to take some decisions at some point in their life, nevertheless a good story.


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