Power by Andi Jaxon and AJ Alexander

Liana 4,5 stars

OOOO book 4 in the series and I love the reverse power trope ❀
We get Danny’s story ,always the newbie in his Seal team although it’s been two years working with them,all of his colleagues are pulling a prank or joke on him but he only knows them,they are his family and as a seal he will always follow the rules.
Layla is the CEO and she always gives orders and demands and people has to follow although she is struggling and works hard to remain in that position as she is a female in a word dominated by mans.
An encounter that leaves Danny wishing for more than he could have dreamed about and what he finds in her is more than anything for him,he will follow everything that she says and we get to know so much of these two characters with their own insecurities and life obstacles,a bit heartbreak at times and so many funny moments ,as well as those so hot scenes and chemistry between them.
we get to see the other couples as well and how their life continues with their happily ever after ❀


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