LOVING EVA by Camelia Hart (#2 In light of shadow )

41975113Loving Eva continuous exactly where it was left in Chasing Eva.
As expected ,Eva and Clive are happy with their new life and love but the danger is still around the corner. After her father was murdered ,the investigation has no end and with all the questions about her family and friends and her father’s jobs and relations ,Eva is finding out more and more that she has ever believed her father involved with.
She knows something is amiss with Clive as he becomes more withdraw and is hiding from her so she is challenging him to tell her the true ,his past and his mistakes so they can overcome it all together.
We also get to know them as teens and how they grow up and become the adults that fall in love with each other.
After all this ,the mystery is not solved but their believing in them as a couple grows more and can’t wait to read the final book to she how they find their happily ever after.


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