Bloodstained Beauty by Ella Fields

Liana 10 stars if I could

Can I give like 10 stars?????
Ok soooo second book that I’ve read from this author and so different from the first that I’ve read.
I love when I find new books and go blind because I haven’t even read the blurb of this book and WOW what a surprise I had! (don’t read this book while you have to prepare Christmas dinners or whatever because life was getting in my way more than I wanted otherwise I would’ve finish this book in one sitting for sure)
The writing style is so captivating that I just want to leave any other book aside and go back to read all of Ella’s books, the characters are so reliable ,so different and she pairs them perfectly.
Jemma just got her dream job and moved from her hometown to the big city away from her single father and meeting a nice looking guy she got lost in his eyes and lies.I must admit that I wasn’t sure what is going on in the first part of the book as I was confused because usually you kinda predict what will happen and when but this book is much more than that and keept me wantimg more and more with each page.

Thomas is such a character with so many persons living in him,the monster,the loving father,the worshiping lover,the friend who cares for his owns,the man who has overcome so much and done so much in his life,the man who has made of life for himself and the ones that are loyal to him ,all with so many flows and bad and disfunctions but nevertheless a strong bond in an imperfect family that actually is perfect for them.
So many twists and turns and past facts revealed that made this book so perfect really.
It’s heart breaking, twisted, perfect with imperfect characters that put love above anything else.


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