Pretty Venom by Ella Fields

10 stars and more
When you have so many friends and authors posting on their pages or groups that you have to read this book of course you start to read a new to me author and what happens when you get past first chapter??? You just go and google everything about this author and add all her backlist books to your To Be Read enormous list but put them on top of everything because that’s what I did for sure and regret nothing at all.
I am starving for a great second chance romance and this book is one of the best that I’ve read this year and more.I have to admit that I don’t usually read YA/college stories but I am so glad that I’ve chosen this book for so many reasons.

They both are single child of two well established families friends and business partners for a long time and when think about their life you say ooo some spoiled kids with their perfect life,there is no problem in paradise for them,but you are wrong because they are humans as well,persons like us with feelings and flows and insecurities and dreams and heart.They get through life impediments just like all of us,they get in love and get heartbreak and suffer as much as anyone especially when you fall in love for the first time and those feelings will hunt you for the rest of your life,no matter what happens.
The way this author is putting into words all of us,real fellings for characters that are so reliable with real people from our real world and not fantasy is just what makes me to read her books and want to recommend them to everyone and anyone who is looking for a bit of hope that maybe there is something good and beautiful in every soul and there is hope to find that happily ever after even you have to fight for it against your better judgement sometimes.

Nobody is perfect and as teens some of us take some bad decisions or do some crazy things ,yes there is cheating involved,but there is regretting all the bad decision and things as well.I felt so happy and so sad for both Renee and Callum through their journey of despise ,falling in love ,heartbreak and acceptance of who they are and what they do at any time.

I don’t even know how to express my fellings to make justice to this couple and a memorably love story.


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