Liana `more than 5 stars

THANK YOU, Samantha and Tijuana for recommending this book!!!!
Started the book on the first day of the year and really had to stop at times but after a few days, I am still thinking of it, like What have I really read???
Every now and then I love to dive into a darker read and this book was just perfect at the right time.
Aeron and Beat are just out of this world.really their chemistry and all the moments that put them together, alone, even the darker ones, are just surreal.
No spoilers from me because you have to read it. It has so many turns and twists that I was like ”wait, what was that? how that happened? it’s that for real?OMG!! NOOOO!!! HMM!! Yessss! What?? He is who and she who??NOOO not again!! Damn it! yes, girl!What the Heck??? I hate Manik ,you’re a monster!! WTF????? and you just saved your ass!YES don’t let go! NOOOOO! Why????? God, my head is spinning !! AUUUU noooo stupid old man !! heartbroken again! YESSSS!!! OOOOO

So you get the idea.

A great story filled with rap music and violence and heartbreak and layers upon layers of lust ,love ,hate ,family issues ,tears, more angst, happy tears, heartbreak again and heart filled with happiness in a world that two different souls seek for a place where they can trust and love each either without any more lies or violence .


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